Thanks to the brilliance of Wiggies at the 2016 conference and the dedication of our treasurer, Denise Della Rossa, you can now make donations to Women in German when you make purchases at Amazon!

First, go to:

Log in and follow the directions to choose your charity. You can easily find WiG by searching “Women in German” or “Coalition of Women in German.”

If you have already selected the charity to which you would like your donations to be directed, you can change that choice by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the charity you are currently supporting. (This can be found under the search box.)

Now, off COURSE we support our local bookstores (as long as we are lucky enough to have one). And yet there are inevitably online purchases that have to be made via Amazon (for example, my dog’s flea & tick medication). So why not use Amazon to give a percentage of your purchase back to WiG? Something to consider as we make lists of summer reading to buy!

Thank you, Denise! And thank you, Wiggies, for your support of our amazing coalition!

Your Fundraising Coordinator,

Allie Hill