The Steering Committee announces the opening of nominations for Vice-President / President-Elect of the Coalition of Women in German. Please consider nominating someone for this position or indicate your own willingness to be a candidate by March 15, 2021 by sending an email to This is a wonderful way for experienced Wiggies to deepen their engagement with WiG and to give back to the organization they value.

Requirements for the office include:

  1. Current membership in WiG, with previous leadership experience in the organization (for example, as Steering Committee member, member of Newsletter or Yearbook staff, conference organizer, prize committee member, or Web Editor) and attendance at the annual WiG conference within the last five years.
  2. A secure and stable academic position.
  3. Institutional support (for travel to conferences, administrative assistant support).

The duties for the position are as follows:

  • The Vice President serves for two years in preparation for assuming a two-year term as President.
  • The VP supports and advises the President and shares responsibilities for organizing / conducting searches (Treasurer, Yearbook Co-editors, Newsletter Editor(s), Web and Social Media Coordinators etc.); the VP shares other responsibilities as needed, such as facilitating communication between annual conferences and reviewing applications for the Zantop Graduate Travel Award and other prizes.
  • The Vice President is expected to attend the pre-conference Steering Committee meeting as well as the entire conference each year of tenure as VP and President.
  • Once President, the candidate will guide WiG in the development of its vision and mission for the future; will develop and implement new initiatives as needed (e.g. specific fundraising or website projects); will ensure communication between all organs of the organization; and will represent WiG and network and collaborate with other relevant organizations (attendance at professional conferences of these organizations is strongly encouraged)—all in consultation with the Vice President and other WiG officers.


If you wish to nominate someone, you MUST first contact that person to make sure that your candidate: will accept the nomination, is in a position to fulfill the requisite responsibilities, and is willing and able to attend the requisite pre-conference Steering Committee meetings and conferences.

Once all candidates have been nominated to the Steering Committee (please use to send in your nomination), candidates will be asked to prepare a Candidate Statement which will be distributed to the Membership before online voting opens in April.