Faculty Research Award Winners

2021: Britta Kallin (Georgia Tech University) for research on the book project on Fairy Tales and Feminist Rewritings by Contemporary German and Austrian Women Authors

2020: Faye Stewart (University of North Carolina Greensboro) for research on a book on The Queer Socialist Cinematic Gaze: Censorship and Sexual Politics in East German Film

2019: Hester Baer (University of Maryland) for her book project on The Politics and Aesthetics of the Feminist Film Movement.

2018: Jennifer Hosek (Queen’s University)

2017: Sonja Klocke (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

2015Barbara Mennel (University of Florida), “Women and Work in Contemporary European Cinema.”

2014: Erika Berroth (Southwestern University) for her book project on Marica Bodrozic’s transnational identity narratives.

2013: The inaugural winner of the WiG Faculty Research Award is Olga Trokhimenko (UNC-Wilmington) for her book project “Constructing Virtue and Vice: Femininity and Laughter in Courtly Society (ca. 1150-1300).”