New Posts on the Feminist Scholar-Activism Blog

Check out our latest contributions to the Feminist Scholar-Activism Project over at the Digital Feminist Collective, which draws on our work in the WiG-sponsored seminar, “Feminist Scholar Activism and the Politics of Affect,” at the German Studies Association in...

GQ: Contemporary Writing by Women

The latest issue of German Quarterly is on contemporary writing by women. It features several WiGgies, and includes the special forum "Feminism in German Studies" with contributions on pop feminism, intersectionality, queer studies, Jews and gender, Islam and more!...

Christa Wolf: A Companion

The volume Christa Wolf: A Companion, edited by Sonja Klocke and Jennifer Hosek, includes work by a number of WiGgies! Interest in Christa Wolf continues to grow. Her classics are being reprinted and new titles are appearing posthumously, becoming bestsellers, and...

Ongoing WiGgie Projects

Here are some ongoing projects we know about: check them regularly for updates!

Feminist German Studies

An online database and archive of links, articles, course and pedagogical tools, and other resources on intersectional feminism and gender studies in the German-speaking countries

Feminist Scholar Activism at the Digital Feminist Collective

The Feminist Scholar Activism project began as a series of interventions created by participants in the WiG-sponsored seminar at GSA 2017. 

Grenzenlos Deutsch

an open-access curriculum for beginning German

The WiG HerStory Project

An archive and exhibit of WiG history