In Memoriam Julie Klassen

Dear Wiggies,

We are heartbroken to hear the news of Julie Klassen’s passing. As we enact change at our institutions in this political climate, we must also remember those who worked tirelessly before us. Julie was a longtime active and activist member of Women in German who frequently attended the annual meetings (and helped script the Cabaret!), took care of printing and mailing the Newsletter for several years, co-organized the 1990 annual meeting, and served as president from 2006-2008. She was a supportive and enthusiastic mentor to many younger Wiggies over the decades of her engagement with the organization. We recall Julie’s work and presence at WiG with fondness and admiration. While we are sad to know that we will no longer see her there, we will celebrate her life and her contributions to our profession. We remember and will remain inspired by her sharp intellect, her generosity, her care for and support of junior faculty, her humour, her commitment to feminism, her work as an activist, and her deep love for literature.

We extend our condolences to those who knew her and her work well.

Your WiG Team