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 Feminist German Studies Volume 36.2 (Fall/Winter 2020)

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Editors’ Introduction
Alexandra M. Hill, Hester Baer

Goethe’s Stalker Snails
Barbara N. Nagel

Henriette Kraze’s Heim Neuland (1908) and the Idealized Nonviolent Colonial Community
Imke Brust

Seduced by Poetry, Sickened by Mass Spectacle: Julia Franck’s Gendered Portrait of Weimar Berlin in Die Mittagsfrau (2007)
Jill Suzanne Smith

The Friendship of Our Distant Relations”: Feminism and Animal Families in Marlen Haushofer’s Die Wand (1963)
Anna Richards

Book Reviews

Dimensions of Storytelling in German Literature and Film ed. by Kristy R. Boney and Jennifer Marston William (review)
Melissa Sheedy

Gender, Collaboration, and Authorship in German Culture: Literary Joint Ventures, 1750–1850 ed. by Laura Deiulio and John B. Lyon (review)
Lauren Nossett

Rethinking Black German Studies: Approaches, Interventions, and Histories ed. by Tiffany N. Florvil and Vanessa D. Plumly (review)
Andrea Dawn Bryant

Gender and Sexuality in East German Film: Intimacy and Alienation ed. by Kyle Frackman and Faye Stewart (review)
Elizabeth Mittman

Screening the Red Army Faction: Historical and Cultural Memory by Christina Gerhardt (review)
Claire E. Scott

Celluloid Revolt: German Screen Cultures and the Long 1968 ed. by Christina Gerhardt and Marco Abel (review)
Rob McFarland

Why Women Have Better Sex under Socialism: And Other Arguments for Economic Independence by Kristen R. Ghodsee (review)
Evelyn Preuss

“Reach Everyone on the Planet . . .”: Kimberlé Crenshaw and Intersectionality (review)
Angelica Fenner

German Women’s Life Writing and the Holocaust: Complicity and Gender in the Second World War by Elisabeth Krimmer (review)
Julia K. Gruber

Realities and Fantasies of German Female Leadership: From Maria Antonia of Saxony to Angela Merkel ed. by Elisabeth Krimmer and Patricia Anne Simpson (review)
Karin Baumgartner

Women at Work in Twenty-First-Century European Cinema by Barbara Mennel (review)
Mary Hennessy

Women’s History in the Age of Reformation: Johannes Meyer’s Chronicle of the Dominican Observance by Johannes Meyer (review)
Sharon M. Wailes

The Virginal Mother in German Culture: From Sophie von La Roche and Goethe to Metropolis by Lauren Nossett (review)
Beth Ann Muellner

Haunted Bauhaus: Occult Spirituality, Gender Fluidity, Queer Identities, and Radical Politics by Elizabeth Otto (review)
Jill Suzanne Smith

Writing Lives: A Female German Jewish Perspective on the Early Twentieth Century by Corinne Painter (review)
Carola Daffner

The Female in German Modernisms: The Visual Turn by Geetha Ramanathan (review)
Julie Shoults

Eisige Helden: Kälte, Emotionen, und Geschlecht in Literatur und Kunst vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart by Inge Stephan (review)
Elisabeth Krimmer

The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany ed. by Christopher Sweetapple (review)
Tiarra Cooper

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