46th Annual WiG Conference

Nov. 4–7, 2021, in Portland, Oregon

More information on how to register for the 2021 conference in Portland will be posted soon.

You can email the organizers with questions at: conference@womeningerman.org.

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Panels at the 2021 WiG Conference


Thursday Night Session


“Laziness” and Non-Production as a Radical Form of Political Resistance




Praxis/Pedagogy/Professional Session


“In the Foreground”: Using graphic novels, comics, and visual art to teach in the German Classroom




Pre-20th Century Panel


“Irenic Utopias: Non-Violent Women and Powerful Non-Places”



Open Session I

“Trauma Beyond the Holocaust”



Open Session II

“Gender and Religious Minorities”



Guest-related panel

Twisting Tongues: Multilingual Literature, Anti-Racism, and Afrofuturism



Poster Session


We invite submissions for the poster session at the Women in German conference in Sewanee, Tennessee, USA (Oct. 17–20, 2019). The poster session allows scholars to employ audiovisual forms to initiate conversations about intersectional feminist issues in their research, teaching, and activism. Submissions have taken the form of traditional posters, PowerPoint presentations, short films, websites, dioramas, installations, interactive experiences, etc. “Posters” can address a variety of topics, such as pedagogy, literature, film, cultural studies, history, and politics. Be creative, discover a new approach to your work, and gain valuable feedback in real time.


Please email an abstract of 250-400 words describing the project’s content, thesis, and form (a description of the layout, design, and materials/technology) and a short biography to postersession@womeningerman.org by March 1, 2021. Presenters must provide their own materials, equipment, and technology; please consider this in your proposal.



WiG Annual Conference: History

2020 Conference: Oct. 15-18, 2020, at The Sewanee Inn, Sewanee, Tennessee

2019 Conference: Oct. 17-20, 2019, at The Sewanee Inn, Sewanee, Tennessee

2018 Conference: Oct. 18-21, 2018, at The Sewanee Inn, Sewanee, Tennessee

2017 Conference: Oct. 26-29, 2017, at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

2016 Conference: Oct. 13-16, 2016, at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

2015 Conference: Oct. 22-25, 2015, at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

2014 Conference: Oct. 23-26, 2014, at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee on Delaware, PA

2013 Conference: Oct. 24-27, 2013, at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee on Delaware, PA

2012 Conference: Oct. 25-28, 2012, at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Shawnee on Delaware, PA

2011 Conference: Oct. 20-23, 2011, at Yarrow Golf and Conference Center, Augusta, MI

2010 Conference: Oct. 21-24, 2010, at Yarrow Golf and Conference Center, Augusta, MI

2009 Conference: Oct. 22-25, 2009, at Brook Lodge, Augusta, MI

2008 Conference: Oct. 23-26, 2008, at Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT

2007 Conference: Oct. 18-21, 2007, at Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT

2006 Conference: Oct. 19-22, 2006, at Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT

2005 Conference: Oct. 16-19, 2003, at General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton, KY

2004 Conference: Oct. 16-19, 2003, at General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton, KY

2003 Conference: Oct. 16-19, 2003, at General Butler State Resort Park, Carrollton, KY

2002 Conference: Oct. 17-20, 2002, at Rio Rico Resort, Rio Rico, AZ

2001 Conference: Oct. 18-21, 2001, at Rio Rico Resort, Rio Rico, AZ

2000 Conference: Oct. 19-22, 2000, at Rio Rico Resort, Rio Rico, AZ

1999 Conference: Oct. 28-31, 1999, at Monte Toyon Retreat, Aptos, CA

1998 Conference: Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 1998, at Monte Toyon Retreat, Aptos, CA

1997 Conference: Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 1997, at Monte Toyon Retreat, Aptos, CA

1996 Conference: Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 1996, in St. Augustine, FL

1995 Conference: Oct. 19-22, 1995, in St. Augustine, FL

1994 Conference: St. Augustine, FL

1991-1993 Conferences: Great Barrington, MA

1988-1990 Conferences: St. Croix, MN

1985-1987 Conferences: Portland, OR

1982-1984 Conferences: Thompson’s Island, Boston Harbor, MA

1979-1981 Conferences: Racine, WI

1976-1978 Conferences: Miami University, Oxford, OH

WiG-Sponsored Panels at other Conferences, 2019-2020



Feminist Pedagogies and Study Abroad: Theory, Models, and Case Studies (Teresa Sanislo and Regine Schwarzmeier)


This session will provide transformative feminist strategies and practices for designing inclusive, engaging and challenging German study abroad programs. It will explore how to apply feminist practices used to foster inclusive classrooms to teaching and learning abroad. It will focus on the importance of addressing diverse backgrounds and experiences of both American students traveling to Germany and the communities that they will engage with abroad. The panel invites contributions that discuss inclusivity and diversity in preparing students of all levels for travel, interacting with partner institutions and communities, and planning visits to historic and cultural sites.

Please, send an abstract of 250 words to both organizers: Teresa Sanislo SANISLTM@uwec.edu and Regine Schwarzmeier regine.schwarzmeier@belmont.edu by January 3, 2020.



German Studies Association 2020 

Alternative Families in German-language Women’s Writing (Sarah Reed and Margaret Reif)


The middle class nuclear family has often been held up as a standard model for families since its emergence in the German-speaking worlds in the 19th century. This model of family is associated with strict gender roles, with the father supporting the family through his participation in the public sphere and the mother managing the household through affective power. Although socially constructed, it has been essentialized and naturalized as an ahistorical phenomenon. 

This panel seeks to explore how German-language women’s writing presents alternatives to this model. Among other questions, we are interested not only in how women’s writing problematizes the idea of the middle class family, but how women’s writing imagines other possibilities. How does German-language women’s writing imagine alternative families moving beyond a heteronormative construct? An alternative family could entail emphasizing matrilineal genealogies, reversing or deconstructing male and female spheres in the household and public spaces, rejecting marriage as the foundation of a family, choosing a partner who would be deemed socially unsuitable (due to gender, religion, race, class, nationality, ability, etc.), or challenging the emphasis on reproduction and motherhood within the family. Even as detractors may call them communes, love nests, or terrorist cells, alternative families can threaten legal, political, and economic hegemonies. 

We welcome papers addressing materials from all German-speaking contexts and all time periods.

Send 350-word abstracts by January 17, 2020 to both organizers: Sarah Reed (Sarah_Reed@byu.edu) and Margaret Reif (Margaret.Reif@duke.edu). This panel is sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German.


Modern Language Association 2020 

Intersectional Approaches to Girlhood (Didem Uca and Mareike Herrmann)

This panel invites submissions that examine portrayals of girlhood across a variety of media, cultural traditions, and historical periods. We encourage papers considering intersecting factors of identity, including race, gender identity, sexuality, religion, and ability.


Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences/CAUTG Annual Meeting 2020

Due to COVID-19, the annual meeting of Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (London, Ontario) was canceled. 


*Note: Submissions to this panel were due on November 30, 2019*

 Joint panel between two associations: Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) and The Coalition of Women in German (WiG)