The editors of Feminist German Studies (formerly Women in German Yearbook) are seeking contributions to a special focus on disability studies within a German studies context.

Contributions may include the representation of abled and disabled bodies in literature (film, theater, etc.), teaching to/about students with disabilities, or even personal experiences as a differently abled person. We are seeking two types of contributions: scholarly articles for publication in Feminist German Studies and essays of a more personal or reflective nature to be published on the Women in German website (

Scholarly articles should follow submission guidelines for Feminist German Studies. They should not exceed 10,000 words and should be formatted according to the MLA Handbook 8th edition. (Complete guidelines can be found here: These submissions will be anonymously peer reviewed. To be considered for publication in issue 35, submissions should be received by 12/31/18.

Essays for the website will be edited by the co-editors and may take a variety of forms: personal reflections, review essays, interviews, etc. Examples can be viewed on the Women in German website, for the special focus on race and inclusivity, Women in German Yearbook issue 32: Please be in touch with the co-editors with your ideas. Essays for the website should be submitted by 8/15/2018.

The Women in German Conference in October 2018 will include a panel “Teaching as/to/about People with Disabilities,” organized by Amy Young and Laura Isakov. Website essays for the focus on disability studies will be posted to the website before the conference, and the scholarly articles in Feminist German Studies that will be published subsequently are intended to continue this conversation. Questions and inquiries should be directed to the co-editors: Waltraud Maierhofer and Alexandra Hill (

General information:
About: Women in German Yearbook is a refereed publication presenting a wide range of feminist approaches to all aspects of German literature, culture, and language, including pedagogy. It was started in 1985 as a “response to the growing interest in Women’s Studies in German literature and culture” (Preface by Marianne and Edith Waldstein in vol. 1: p. v). Reflecting the interdisciplinary perspectives that inform feminist German studies, each issue contains critical inquiries employing gender and other analytical categories to examine the work, history, life, literature, and arts of the German-speaking world.
Current editors: Waltraud Maierhofer (University of Iowa), Alexandra M. Hill (University of Portland)
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