Support WiG!

In this age of political upheaval, there are more worthy organizations in need of donations than one can possibly fund. But as you contemplate which organizations you would like to support (perhaps with your tax refund?), let me make a case for supporting WiG.
In our mission statement, the Coalition of Women in German adopts a stance towards German Studies that interrogates the intersection of gender with other categories of identity such as sexuality, class, race, and ethnicity. In other words, at the heart of this organization is the cutting-edge scholarship that questions systems of power and oppression.
We are also passionately committed to supporting other scholars at all ranks. Donations to WiG make possible the following expressions of support:
  • The Zantop Travel Award for Graduate Students
  • The WiG Dissertation Prize
  • The WiG Prize for Best Article
  • The Faculty Research Award
  • The WiG Professional Development Award
(More information on awards can be found here: )
So as you think about what activism can mean within the academy, as you consider what WiG has meant to you over the years, please donate to Women in German. You can do so by clicking  on the “Donate” button in the right-hand sidebar of this page.
Of course you can e-mail me with any questions.
Thank you for your support!
All best,
Allie Hill
Fundraising Coordinator

Support WiG through Amazon Smile Purchases

Thanks to the brilliance of Wiggies at the 2016 conference and the dedication of our treasurer, Denise Della Rossa, you can now make donations to Women in German when you make purchases at Amazon!

First, go to:

Log in and follow the directions to choose your charity. You can easily find WiG by searching “Women in German” or “Coalition of Women in German.”

If you have already selected the charity to which you would like your donations to be directed, you can change that choice by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the charity you are currently supporting. (This can be found under the search box.)

Now, off COURSE we support our local bookstores (as long as we are lucky enough to have one). And yet there are inevitably online purchases that have to be made via Amazon (for example, my dog’s flea & tick medication). So why not use Amazon to give a percentage of your purchase back to WiG? Something to consider as we make lists of summer reading to buy!

Thank you, Denise! And thank you, Wiggies, for your support of our amazing coalition!

Your Fundraising Coordinator,

Allie Hill

‘Tis the Season to Support Feminism, Inclusivity, and Anti-Racism!

Dear Wiggies,

As your new fundraising coordinator, it is my pleasure and privilege to talk to you about the organization that means most to me: WiG. But this fundraising message is a bit unusual. Of course I encourage you to donate to WiG, and I will email you again with lots of reasons to support our lively, feminist, professional organization.

But today, as we approach the end of the fiscal year (and the end of your opportunities to make tax-deductible donations for 2016), WiG is taking a different approach. In light of the presidential election results, it is more urgent that ever that we fund organizations working to support people who are vulnerable, marginalized, and at risk in our communities. We have outlined our Women in German Solidarity Statement on this website, and I encourage you to read it if you have not already. In this statement, we encourage our members to donate to the following organizations, to support the important work they do and will be called upon to do in the coming four years: Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union, local Black Lives Matter chapters, Standing Rock Sioux (#NoDAPL), Southern Poverty Law Center, Silvia Rivera Law Project, National Resources Defense Council, and the Council for American-Islamic Relations. We also encourage you to support any other organization of your choice who joins us in standing against misogyny, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-semitism, and an exploitative attitude towards the environment.

Together we are strong! I encourage you to stand up and make your voices heard!

In solidarity, and wishing you a peaceful holiday season,

Allie Hill