CFP: Feminist German Studies, special focus on disability studies

The editors of Feminist German Studies (formerly Women in German Yearbook) are seeking contributions to a special focus on disability studies within a German studies context. Contributions may include the represenation of abled and disabled bodies in literature (film, theater, etc.), teaching to/about students with disabilities, or even personal experiences as a differently abled person.

Julie Klassen in Memoriam

We are heartbroken to hear the news of Julie Klassen’s passing. As we enact change at our institutions in this political climate, we must also remember those who worked tirelessly before us. Julie was a longtime active and activist member of Women in German who frequently attended the annual meetings (and helped script the Cabaret!), took care of printing and mailing the Newsletter for several years, co-organized the 1990 annual meeting, and served as president from 2006-2008.

Nominations for VP/President Elect

Call for Nominations: Vice-President / President Elect of WiG


The "Women in German Yearbook" becomes "Feminist German Studies"; CFP

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The 2017 volume has been sent to members. 

Newsletter 2017 – Issue 128 Now Out!

The 2017 issue of the Newsletter is out!

WiG T-Shirt

Hello and greetings, creative spirits!

The T-Shirts are available on TeeSpring, allowing you to order your preference in size, cut and color. Your purchase supports of contingent faculty members.

Statement on Charlottesville

In the spirit of all that the Coalition of Women in German stands for, we condemn the actions of white supremacists, including the recent violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

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Feminism, Inclusivity, and Anti-Racism, Continued

Thank you, Allie, for expressing your commitment to WiG and for providing some key words that resonate with the Steering Committee's commitment to promote inclusivity and anti-racism. In the spirit of staying with the conversation, we would like to share some pertinent readings and other links. Please click here for further details.



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