WiG T-Shirt Design

We have gathered a selection of designs for the new WiG T-Shirts.

Call for Design Submissions - WiG T-Shirt

Hello and greetings, creative spirits!

With the summer coming to an end and the new academic year beginning, the Muse of Creativity is ready to bestow her kisses…

Statement on Charlottesville

In the spirit of all that the Coalition of Women in German stands for, we condemn the actions of white supremacists, including the recent violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

Support WiG with Amazon Smile Purchases!

Thanks to the brilliance of Wiggies at the 2016 conference and the dedication of our treasurer, Denise Della Rossa, you can now make donations to Women in German when you make purchases at Amazon!

Support WiG!

In this age of political upheaval, there are more worthy organizations in need of donations than one can possibly fund. But as you contemplate which organizations you would like to support (perhaps with your tax refund?), let me make a case for supporting WiG. 

Feminism, Inclusivity, and Anti-Racism, Continued

Thank you, Allie, for expressing your commitment to WiG and for providing some key words that resonate with the Steering Committee's commitment to promote inclusivity and anti-racism. In the spirit of staying with the conversation, we would like to share some pertinent readings and other links. Please click here for further details.


CfPs for 2017/18 conferences

Please click here to view the Call for Papers for the 2017 WiG conference as well as the WiG-sponsored panels at various other conferences in 2017/18.


'Tis the Season to Support Feminism, Inclusivity, and Anti-Racism!

Dear Wiggies, 

As your new fundraising coordinator, it is my pleasure and privilege to talk to you about the organization that means most to me: WiG. But this fundraising message is a bit unusual. Of course I encourage you to donate to WiG, and I will email you again with lots of reasons to support our lively, feminist, professional organization. 

Women in German Solidarity Statement

As an organization that is committed to promoting feminism, inclusivity and anti-racism, The Coalition of Women in German reaches out to all members in solidarity and support following the results of the 2016 presidential election. In lieu of celebrating the election of our first female president, in the 45th presidency, we face a man who won by promoting misogyny, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, anti-Muslim sentiment, and an exploitative attitude towards the environment.

National Women's Studies Association Statement

The campaign for the US presidency that concluded earlier this week was no ordinary election cycle, in which candidates of the two parties debated and disagreed about policy, vision, and direction.


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