WiG Yearbook Vol. 30 (2014)

Women in German Yearbook Vol. 30 (2014)


Editors’ Introduction

Blurred Spaces and Belated Shock: The Poetics of Multidirectional Memory in Ingeborg Bachmann's The Book of Franza
Tessa Wegener

Inspiring and Educating gdr Women: Iris Gusner, Feminism, and the Film Kaskade Rückwärts
Sebastian Heiduschke

Queer Elements: The Poetics and Politics of Antje Rávic Strubel's Literary Style
Faye Stewart

In and Out of the Box: An Interview with Transgender Performance Artist Bridge Markland
Britta Kallin

Radical Depictions of Female Sadomasochism in El Hor/El Ha's Literary Sketches
Julie Shoults

Focus: Provocations for the Future

Gender Studies and Wissenschaftlichkeit in Germany
Helga W. Kraft

From Utopian Collectivity to Solitary Precarity: Thirty Years of Feminist Theory and the Cinema of Women's Work
Barbara Mennel

Are Feminism and Gender Studies Really Growing Old? Reassessments of a Discourse
Tanja Nusser

Caregiving, Work, and the Debate on "Why Women Still Can't Have It All"
Monika Shafi

The Childless Woman as Failure; or, the "Spinster Aunt" as Provocation for the Future
Alexandra M. Hill

A Provocation to Listen to and Give Voice to Difference
Lisabeth Hock

Activism and Academia
Brigetta Abel

Redoing Feminism within and outside the Neoliberal Academy
Hester Baer

wig-Trouble: Awkwardness and Feminist Politics
Carrie Smith-Prei and Maria Stehle

Provocations for the Future
Patricia Anne Simpson

(end of focus)

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