Vol. 26 (2010)

Women in German Yearbook Vol. 26 (2010)

Gallant Women Students, Professors, and Historians: Learning, Sex, and the Eighteenth-Century Origins of German Literature
Bethany Wiggin

Guter Hoffnung? Pregnancy and Narrative in Two German Romantic Märchen
Gail Newman

Gazes in Conflict: Lola Lola, Spectatorship, and Cabaret in The Blue Angel
Jennifer Williams

Indifference, Identification, and Desire in Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas, Leni Riefenstahl'sThe Blue Light and Triumph of the Will, and Leontine Sagan's Maedchen in Uniform
Jennifer Barker

"This Can Only Come to a Bad End": Annemarie Schwarzenbach's Critique of National Socialism
in Her Reports and Photography from Europe
Leena Eilittä

"Committed from Head to Toe?": Cancer, Immigration, and Kinship in Verena Stefan's Fremdschläfer
Sonja Klocke

Focus: Dragica Rajčić

Poems by Dragica Rajčić
translated by Charlotte Schallié and Christine Fritze

"Switzerland Has Run Out of Steam on Its Way to Multiculturalism": An Interview with Dragica Rajčić
Charlotte Schallié and Christine Fritze

Reading Rajčić
Erika M. Nelson


Remaining Friends: A Reappraisal of a Passage in the St. Trudperter Hohelied
John M. Jeep