Syllabus Archive

Ongoing Call for Materials:
Please consider submitting and sharing with fellow Wiggies your:

  • course syllabi
  • course materials
  • collected responses to a WIG-L inquiry

to the WIG syllabus archive.  This archive is a password protected archive (the password is available to WIG members only and is distributed via the WIG newsletter).  You may choose to have your syllabus put online as HTML, PDF, or PDF with security (protected against cutting and pasting).

Syllabi are intended to be syllabi of particular interest to WIG members.  This includes: 

  • syllabi taught from a feminist perspective, with a significant number of works by women, OR on gender issues in ANY discipline
  • syllabi related to topics raised on the WIG list
  • language learning syllabi

While this archive is password-protected, you should only submit syllabi that you consider to be "public."
Send relevant materials to: