Steering Committee Meeting Guidelines

Annual Steering Committee Meeting Guidelines

(Revised 2005; 2014 by Nicole Grewling and Jennifer Askey)

Prior to SC Meeting:

  • By Labor Day weekend: ask for requests for items for the SC meeting. You might also ask for suggestions for the items for the Business meeting
  • Draft a SC agenda, using the one from the previous year as a template.
  • Read through previous SC and BM agendas and minutes, as well as the Newsletter, in order to be sure that you are not leaving anything out. If there are tasks that people were supposed to have done over the last year, write these people to get an update of the status of these projects, as appropriate. Also, think about whether they should report on these tasks at the SCM, you should report on them (quicker perhaps), or whether the task does not need to be reported on at all.
  • Send Agenda to P and VP for first round of approval.
  • Send Agenda to all of Steering for approval. Give them a deadline for approval.
  • A couple weeks prior to the meeting, send a reminder to Steering to share necessary documentation for the various parts of the meeting that they are addressing in dropbox. 
  • Bring your own computer and be sure additional computer (for projection and/or Skype) is available at conference. Usually another SC member or the conference organizers help with this.
  • Be sure that you will be able to work the projector so that you can project the agenda of the Business Meeting onto the screen during the weekend Business Meeting. Bring cables/dongles to match your own machine and any additional dongles you can get your hands on. One size does not fit all. Be sure items such as projector, cable, flipcharts, pens, etc. are available.
  • Make available electronically copies of the Agenda, relevant supporting documents, and the updated Steering Committee Responsibilities and Duties to the SC meeting.

At the SC meeting:

  • Be aware of time and remind others of the time. Each person must strive to be succinct and trenchant.
  • Consider tabling issues for the next meeting, or creating committees to deal with issues raised.
  • Be sure that you have a strong sense of all of the issues that will be raised in the BM and who will speak to them.
  • Be sure that the appropriate person is taking notes of the SC meeting. Mention to that person the value of writing the minutes that very afternoon in order to ensure that they get done and are accurate.

After the SC meeting:

  • Revise the draft of the BM agenda that you have begun prior to the SC meeting.
  • Use the agenda from the previous years as a model and to make sure that you are not leaving anything out. You will have to wait to finish the draft until after the panel possibilities are all in.
  • Get the president to ok the agenda.
  • Make enough ballots for everyone.

At the Business Meeting:

  • Select people who will help with the voting.
  • Bring the ballots.
  • Project the agenda.
  • Be sure that you know where you want to go in order to keep the meeting moving forward.
  • Divide responsibilities clearly with your partner.
  • Don't indulge in extraneous comments.