Procedure for Review of WiG Governance Structure

Review of WiG Governance Structure (2004)

Step 1. Appoint an ad hoc committee to do this, or ask two of the SC members to do it.

Step 2. Collect information from current officers and those whose terms ended recently (during the past three years). Ask them to focus on process:

  • communication with the President
  • communication with the VP
  • communication with and among the Steering Committee
  • examples of progress made toward improved (more effective) governance
  • examples of areas that could be further improved

Step 3. Collate and summarize results of the above; boil down to one page or less.

Step 4. Publish the above page to the membership and invite their input:

  • do members agree or disagree with officers' perceptions?
  • are there questions or concerns?
  • recommendations?

Step 5. Collate and summarize results of the above.

Step 6. Report to SC and members at annual conference and in newsletter

Step 7. If changes are needed based on the results, make recommendations to Prez and VP who will take it from there.