New Web Editor Duties

Women in German

Web Editor Job Description 

(Updated Allie M. Hill 4 February 2014)


The new Women in German website ( has made it possible to transition to a new, collaborative model of website creation and maintenance. Different pages of the site will be maintained by different members of the Steering Committee (see list below). It is the role of the Web Editor to generally oversee the site. Duties include: 


  • Editing/organizing site for continuity and clarity of appearance and content
  • Receiving and responding to queries regarding the website via and directing requests to the appropriate SC member, according to the list below
  • Maintaining various WiG e-mail addresses, such as, adding people to the WigBiz list, etc.
  • Receive e-mails directed to the e-mail account and post shared materials to site
  • Deleting old content from the site (generally after 1 year)
  • Sending out periodic reminders to the SC members to update the information for which they are responsible
  • Overseeing and frequently rechecking the website and its components as a whole, which might include rearranging/reorganizing
  • Generally keeping an eye on the website and making sure it is functioning smoothly


Please note that the Web Editor is not responsible for checking membership or running the Wild Apricot site (instead, contact the Membership Coordinator), or for conference registration (instead, contact the Conference Organizers). 


The Web Editor will log in to the site weekly to check, maintain, and update the site, and to respond to any queries or concerns. 


All officers and SC members: Post relevant news and announcements to website as they arise. Every time you email the WiG list in an official capacity, you should make sure this information is on the website (conference cfps, raffle donations, awards and prizes, newsletter, etc.).


Incoming SC Members

  • Post WiG conference panel CfPs and abstracts after conference 

First-year Members (beginning second year after conference)

  • Post SC minutes in password-protected portion of the website

Second-year Members (beginning third year after conference)

  • Post Business Meeting minutes to website after conference

Out-going Third-year Members

  • Post updated task protocols to website after conference

President/Vice President

  • Update website with names of award/grant/prize winners
  • Choose WiG article for monthly “Featured Article” section of website (in consultation with Yearbook editors?)

Newsletter Editors

  • Add newsletter to password-protected page
  • Post announcement of new Newsletter on main page

Book Review Editor

  • Update the Book Review information page

WiG Yearbook Editors

  • Update Yearbook information on website (CfP, dates, style guidelines, Table of Contents for current volume, and Editorial Board)
  • Post announcement of new issues on main page

Conference Organizers

  • Update conference sections of website when information is available (lodging, travel, program, etc.)
  • Also post to main page when there is updated conference information (e.g., registration is open, new location is announced, etc.)