Job Descriptions


• 2 years (after 2 years as VP)

• Tenured; senior rank (at least associate prof.); history of active participation in WIG; vision for future of WIG; institutional support (for travel to conferences, secretarial support).

• Provide leadership; articulate a vision of WIG vis-à-vis feminist studies/German studies; maintain calendar of events and record of WIG committees and projects; facilitate long-range planning and effective use of resources; liaison to other orgs; work with SC to ensure that necessary work gets done and that positions within WIG are filled. Coordinate Zantop awards. Submit annual report to membership. Attend SC meetings.

• Succeeded by VP at October conference in even-numbered years

  • Update website with names of award/grant/prize winners (can also be done by VP)



Vice President

• 2 years as VP, then 2 as President

• Same as above.

• Support and advise president; share responsibilities for organizing/conducting searches (Yearbook editor, NL editor, etc.); share other responsibilities as needed. Attend SC meetings.

• Election (by ballot to membership), spring of even-numbered years




• 5 years, renewable

• Tenured; history of active participation in WIG; institutional support (for travel to conferences, work-study or secretarial assistance to manage database of memberships/payments).

• Maintain database of members and payment records; send out dues reminders (2x/year); manage bank accounts (checking; savings accounts for Memorial and Zantop funds); pay bills; prepare and submit annual IRS reports; annual report to membership. Attend annual SC meeting.

• Recruited by Prez & VP; to SC for approval. Shadow Treas. during the latter's 5th year.


Dissertation and best article prize committees
• Active in WIG; strong publication record.
Solicit contributions; appoint a committee to review mss, make selection; submit annual report to SC via Prez.
Present award to recipient at annual conference.
Recruited by Prez and VP, input from SC; to SC for approval


Yearbook editors

• 3 years, renewable once

• Tenured; senior rank; strong research/publication record; editing experience; vision to enhance the Yearbook; institutional support (travel funds; editorial assistant or other support for managing the flow of mss; course release also desirable).

• Recruit members for Editorial Board as needed to replace outgoing members and to support editorial vision for the Yearbook.

• Solicit manuscripts, send out for review, make selections, prepare copy of annual volume to meet publisher's deadline. Submit annual report to membership. At least one coeditor attends annual SC meeting.

• Recruited by search c'ttee (Prez or VP plus past editors), in consultation with the continuing coeditor.

  • Keep information about YB current on website (CfP, dates, style guide)
  • Announce new issues on website



NL editors

• 2 editors serve staggered terms of 4-5 years.

• Record of active participation in WIG; working knowledge of software needed to produce and distribute electronic NL.

• Establish calendar of deadlines for publication of quarterly NL; solicit contributions; coordinate with contributing editors and with conference organizers, SC, Prez, webmss, and others as needed. Submit annual report to membership. At least one coeditor attends SC meeting.

• Recruited by Prez and VP; input from outgoing editors; to SC for approval.



Web Editors

It is the role of the Web Editor to generally oversee the site. Duties include:

  • Editing/organizing site for continuity and clarity of appearance and content
  • Receiving and responding to queries regarding the website via and directing requests to the appropriate SC member, according to the list below
  • Maintaining various WiG e-mail addresses, such as, adding people to the WigBiz list, etc.
  • Sending out periodic reminders to the SC members to update the information for which they are responsible
  • Generally keeping an eye on the website and making sure it is functioning smoothly
  • Posting relevant news on the website
  • Attending business meeting and giving the SC a brief report on the website

Please note that the Web Editor is not responsible for checking membership or running the Wild Apricot site (instead, contact the Membership Coordinator), or for conference registration (instead, contact the Conference Organizers).

The Web Editor will log in to the site weekly to check, maintain, and update the site, and to respond to any queries or concerns. 


Steering Committee (6 members)

• Staggered 3-year terms

• Record of active participation in WIG; desire to serve.

• See published list of responsibilities.

• 2 members elected at conference each year.



Conference organizers 

• 3-year terms

• Record of active participation in WIG; good communication and organizational skills; desire to locate site and coordinate organization. Institutional support (financial, work-study or other student support).

• Research and propose site to membership at least one year in advance of move. For details of conference organization, see records that organizers have passed along over the years. At least one co-organizer attends SC meetings.

• Membership votes on site at least one year prior to move and endorses organizers.

  • Update conference section of website when information is available (lodging, travel, program, etc.)



Membership Coordinator

• 4 years, renewable

• Record of active participation in WiG; knowledge of database creation & management; excellent proofreading skills. Strong institutional IT support an asset!

• Responsibilities will be:

  • maintaining the Wild Apricot (membership) site
  • helping solve problems with Wild Apricot
  • Communicate with WiG members when it is time to renew
  • emailing membership when there is info pertaining all members (renewal, newsletter, etc)
  • Checking membership 
  • sending membership data to UN Press, working with book review editor to make sure the reviewers are members, working with conference organizers to make sure conference attendees are members.
  • to work with treasurer, webmss, 
  • send occasional announcements to membership.
  • Attend annual business meeting to update SC on member statistics
  • • Recruited by Prez, NL editors, and webmss; to SC for approval.