Duties Web Editors

Webeditors Duties and Responsibilities (Old)

The main duty of the WiG web editors is to ensure that the Women in German website is running and updated. For most of the period since winter 2002, two WiG members have shared this task. Given the increasing amount of responsibilities that this position entails, it is recommended that the position continue to be shared by two people. We also recommend that people taking on this position commit to at least four years as web editor, as it takes quite some time to learn the responsibilities.

Ongoing responsibilities

  • Maintain contact with steering committee, newsletter folks, and conference organizers via the WiG-Biz list.
  • Maintain contact with the server provider and ensure that s/he is paid when the yearly bill comes due. Coordinate with the WiG Treasurer. The current server provider is Fat Cow (www.fatcow.com).
  • Update the web links. New links to useful sites should be added as the web editors find them. All links should be checked on a yearly basis to make sure they are current. Coordinate with "Fascinating Clicks" editor.
  • On a weekly or biweekly basis, the entire WiG website should be backed up. The web editors may want to alternate weeks.
  • Update protocol/duties as needed.

Publications-related responsibilities

  • Newsletter—When a new newsletter appears, it should be posted to the directory that allows password access to members only ("current-news"). The previous issue of the newsletter should then be placed in the "newsletter" directory so that it is available to all who visit the site. Links to these newsletters should be updated on the home page and the newsletter page.
  • Book reviews—Book reviews are collected by the Book Review Editor. The reviews should be posted on the book reviews page. 
  • Yearbook—The call for papers for yearbook articles should be updated annually; a page with the table of contents from the most recent volume should be created and added to the website; a link to the new table of contents should be added to the yearbook page.

Pre-Conference responsibilities (May-September)

  • After it is made available by the conference organizers, post preliminary copy of conference program and PDF files for or links to all registration materials.
  • The day after the deadline for early-bird registration, the online registration forms and/or links should be changed to indicate increased registration fees.
  • If there is an e-panel, post the papers for this in advance. Presenters may need to be reminded to submit their papers to the web editors. 
  • Post final copy of conference program. Remind the conference organizers three weeks in advance to send final copies of the conference program.

Post-Conference responsibilities (November-December)

  • Send e-mail to WiG-Biz reminding folks (and sharing with new folks) of password for steering committee portion of website as well as the stationery.
  • Update contacts list to include new steering committee members and any other positions that have been newly filled (president/ president-elect, newsletter editors, yearbook editors, etc., ...)
  • Update e-mail addresses of the various womeningerman.org addresses to reflect new positions (steering@, conference@, newsletter@, etc.)
  • Update the WiG-Biz list to reflect leadership changes, as necessary.
  • Once they are available, update the calls for papers with calls for the WiG panels at conferences in the upcoming academic year.
  • Create a page with pictures from the poster session.
  • Add to the appropriate pages the winners/projects of the dissertation and best article prizes and the Zantop Award.
  • Create link to conference program on the "History and Past Programs" page. Add relevant handouts to WiG-Share page
  • Update protocols for steering committee members.
  • Update revised minutes from previous year's business meeting.
  • Add agenda and minutes from business meeting & steering committee meeting (steering committee in password protected part).
  • Post steering committee meeting minutes.

Past and Present Web Mistresses and Web Editors

Brenda Bethman (WiG's first web mistress, 1999-2002)
Yvonne Huoy and Lisabeth Hock (2001-2005)
Lisabeth Hock and Beverly Weber (2005-2006)
Beverly Weber and Kris Thomas Vander Lugt (2006-2008)
Beverly Weber and Kyle Frackman (2008-2009
Kyle Frackman (2009-2013)
Kyle Frackman and Karina Marie Ash (2011-2013)
Alexandra Merley Hill (2014-)

This protocol was created by Lisabeth Hock on October 18, 2005.  


Beverly Weber: October 2006, 2 November 2006
Kyle Frackman: November 2011