Duties Newsletter Coeditors


Coeditors of the WiG Newsletter : Duties and Responsibilities

The editors must be WiG members. Experience with editing and electronic transmission of documents is desirable.

The WiG Newsletter is published two times per year. Each new issue is available on a password-protected area of the Women in German website. Members receive notification by email (which includes access information and passwords) when a new issue is out. 

A subscription to the WiG Newsletter is automatically a part of WiG membership.

Book Reviews: Individual book reviews are available on the Women in German Website after they are published in the summer issue of the Newsletter.

Submission Deadlines: for the Winter (January) issue, December 15; for the Summer (May) issue, April 15. 

Responsibilities of Newsletter coeditors:

  • Recruit and coordinate section editors, and keep this information up to date.
  • Oversee all divisions of the Newsletter: 2 annual issues, book reviews, Internet columns.
  • Update and verify information about the Newsletter both in the Newsletter itself and on the Women in German website and check for consistency.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Solicit contributions from section editors (calls for papers, bibliography, personal news, European news, online resources, book reviews, conference reports etc.); assist section editors as needed.
  • Solicit information from Steering Committee Members and Officers for information on policy, grant deadlines, special projects, etc. for publication in the Newsletter.
  • Once materials are received, the editors verify details as needed, assemble contributions, and edit for consistency.
  • Coordinate electronic publication of the Newsletter with the Webeditors and notify WiG members when each new issue is available, by contacting the Membership coordinator, who then generates and email to the membership.
  • Report on Newsletter at Conference Business Meeting and at Steering Committee Meeting prior to conference.
  • Every year, at least one of the two coeditors must attend the conference.
  • Work with Book Review Editor to set policies and procedures for Women in German Book Reviews.
  • Work with Webeditor and section editors to decide which columns of the Newsletter should be housed on the Website exclusively and what security measures should be in place.