Business Meeting Guidelines

Annual Business Meeting Guidelines 

(Revised 2001; Updated 2014)

To make our annual business meeting more efficient and interesting, the Steering Committee revised the format in 2001. The new structure for the WIG business meeting continues a process (that has been going on for years!) of trying to make the meetings more efficient while also allowing for INFORMED voting and decision-making. Assigning responsibility for preparing the agenda to two SC members in recent years was a large step in the right direction. The new procedures are intended to encourage advance planning and facilitate productive discussions. The SC invites your comments on our proposal.

I. Proposals for Panel Topics, Conference Guest Artist/Writers, and Sessions at Conferences

  • Submitting suggested panels/ sessions/ visitors. As in the past, people can submit these by mail or e-mail, complete with the names of the organizers (required) BEFORE the conference. They can also be submitted on site through Saturday morning. Second-year SC members will transfer these suggestions to the BM agenda, to share with the membership for voting.
  • Group decision on panels/visitors. At the meeting, the members will vote on following panels: 
  1. WiG Conference guest artist/writer (two years in advance).
  2. WiG Conference panel related to guest 
  3. WiG Conference pedagogy, pre-20th century, personal-professional and “open” sessions. Deciding and voting on each as it is settled.
  4. GSA panel(s)
  5. MLA panel(s)
  6. AATG panel(s)
  7. CAUTG
  8. ASA

II. Steering Committee Nominations

  • Please remember that you can only nominate people for steering committee IF THEY HAVE ALREADY AGREED TO SERVE IF ELECTED. People nominated at the conference have to be present at the business meeting to be placed on the ballot, and nominations close at midnight on Friday at the conference (no nominations from the floor).
  • Those nominated who are NOT at the conference should send in a one-minute statement about why they are running for Steering Committee. Those present can make a one-minute statement at the business meeting.

III. Other Business Meeting Items

  • Minutes for the previous annual business meeting, treasurer's report, yearbook editors’ report (if there is one), and the President's summary of WiG activities for the year should be projected during the meeting. At the actual business meeting, those presentations should only HIGHLIGHT important issues or action items.